1st place serial Buzet Open 2008, 15th May - 18th May 

10th place Eged Cup 2008, 30th April - 4th May


22th place XC Open 2007, 13th September - 16th September

11th place Serbian pre-European PG Open competition -, 2nd July - 7th July

14th place Ivanec Open 2007, 14th June - 17th June


36th place Hungarian XC Open 2006, 26th Aug - 1st Sept

52nd place Skynomad Open, 5th Aug - 12th Aug

11th place Ivanec Open, 31th June - 4th July


67th place Piedrahita - Dutch Open, 3rd July - 8th July

54th place Ratitovec Open, 24th of June - 27th of June

5th place Ivanec Open, 25th May - 29th May

6th place Eged Cup, 23rd April - 1st May


40% 3D Bowing Competition, Szada, 30th October

10th place Final results in the 2004 Hungarian National Competition

78th place pre-PWC Sopot, 15th Aug - 21th Aug

49th place Dutch Open, 27th July - 31th July

10th place Croatian Open, 28th May - 6th June

4th place Alban Open, 11th May - 16th May


31st place Final results on the 2003 Hungarian National Competition

79th place Dutch Open, 3rd Aug - 9th Aug

8th place (after the 2nd day) Croatian Open, 31th May - 8nd June

24th place Eged Cup, 26th April - 2nd May