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Vitosa: Stockholm

Sightseeing tour in Stockholm

In 2006 we keep on travelling to different places of the world. This year our first trip led to Stockholm. Peti went for a business course and I accompined him for having a rest and explore the city. I bought a tourist book and a map of the city already in Hungary so for the time we arrived to Stockholm we had a complete plan of what to see. On Saturday and Sunday we made the sightseeing together then from Monday Peti set on the course and I walked in the city alone.

The most conspicious difference between Budapest and Stockholm is that all the houses are very colourful and maximum 6 floor-high ones in Stockholm and we can see the social welfare people are living in. Did you know that the city was built on 14 islands? There is at least one building even on the smallest island such as the building of the Parliament which occupies a whole island itself. Between the islands you can walk accross of course on bridges and nearly every sight is easy to approach on foot. (Specially in case you have your hotel room in the city centre! ;))

I visited almost every famous sight but I could not enter to every of them since there was not tourgiding at that time. My favourite one is the Stockholm City Hall where the Noble-prize ceremony is organised every year on 10th December. In the so-called golden room of the City Hall you can see many humorous things when you watch the mosaic illustrations. Just to mention one: a very famous noble man illustrated above a door has no head because there was not enough place on the wall for it :)) Beside the City Hall we could see the Parliament (Riksdagshuset), the Royal Castle, the Opera House (Kungliga Operan) we also visited museums such as Vasamuset, Nordiska muset and Armémuseum and visited many churches. Of course I had to go to see IKEA and there was a day when I went for shopping in big famous shopping centres.

We also tried the restaurants which were very nice. We liked the reindeers meat as well as the sea-foods.

We were very satisfied with the city, with the people it was a very good experience. We shall go back in summer-time!

Hej da Stockholm!


 Video about Guard-change ceremony (30 822 KB)