Switzerland 2006

The Bern CityClock with Tina

Bears in the centre of Bern

Bears are the symbols of Bern

EY team from back

View from the bridge with river Aare

The cathedral of Bern

Our hotel room - not very nice furnished

The farm where Tina (Viki's friend) lives

View from the house

The only horse and donkey of the farm

The Canadian type cows who always rang the cowbells

Viki and Tina on the balcon

The big gray rubbit

Equerry for cows

A part of the Alps

Angry cow mum

On the farm

Little lake for ducks

A strange statue

Normal cow

Entrance of the tour to see the spring of river Aare

In the cave of Aare

Below the river

Very nice canyon

Viki and Peti in the cave

The Terminator: I'll be back! ;)


Special wood house

Tasty ice-cream

View from a paragliding take-off place

Take off place

Cows everywhere

Angry little cow

Inside the train which goes to the top of the Alps

View from the train

Peak-head ;)

There was a strong wind

Wood-carver's path

The end of the path, a tarn

Viki and Peti, behind the tarn

Tyred Viki