Sicevo 2007

Service in Nis

Service in Nis


Smaller takeoff

To the task direction

The organizer's van


The ridge behind Sicevo

Stone mine

Ates is in the air

Sicevo village on the left

Ates is in the air

Sicevo and the valley

The 2 Takeoffs

kpeti is in the air

Sicevo village

Cottage in Sicevo

(L-R) Akos Zsu, Ambro, Losi, kpeti, Barth, Susan, Galambos Laci and in front of us Denes

(L-R) Denes, Racz, Losi, Goran (MK), Galambos Laci, an organizer and Vertes Bali

On my way on the task at the cloudbase

On my way on the task

Off they are!

The ridge without any near landing

Arriving to the goal

The goal

Before landing to the goal

Bus station near to the goal

Tandem flying in a very strong wind (13m/s)




Mediana, once a Roman vacation resort, is located on the outskirts of Nis, the birthplace of Roman emperor Constantine The Great, which at the time was known as Niassus.

Mosaic in Mediana

Alternate program in Nis when the weather was not flyable.

The last task

The last task on the map

kpeti is taking off

Rough air could cause collapses...

Very high above the ground

Very high above the valley

2972m high... I've reached 3000m! On my left there is the task.

It was cold in 3000m

2nd times in the goal. Good job!

Landing at the goal again!

Local beauty in the closing ceremony

Closing ceremony on the school's backyard.

Closing ceremony on the school's backyard.

Team Hungary 1 won the competition

Overall: 3rd Losi, 1st Racz, 2nd Vertes Bali

Women: 1st Akos Zsu

Towers in Belgrad

Flats in Belgrad

Strange tower in Belgrad

On our way back to home the weather was good, at least for the gliders ;-)