Alban Open 2004

Bela, Elek, kpeti & Alket Islami - The Organizer, Alban Schumacher

kpeti on the beach

Takeoff in Llogara

Antennas in Dhermi

Above the antennas

My Gradient Aspen

In the air

A common bunker

Seaside in Vlora

Takeoff in Vlora

kpeti is in the fog

The Hungarian Team

Vlora city landscape

Georgi Jordanov (BLG) and the 'Pot girl' from Macedonia

Mendo Veljanovski - Sky Acro pilot with us

Elek the Hero

Bionic 2

The Albanian Minister of Culture Youth and Sport Mr. Blendi Klosi & kpeti

Half acceleration under the cloudbase

Vlora city landscape

Kovacs Bela the Champion

A guy with an UP glider

Cruisin' flight

Boris Sazdov and Denalda Kuzumi celebrate with us

The Hungarian Team

The winners: Boris Sazdov (2nd), Kovacs Bela (1st), Remo Merucci (3rd)

...and the party goes on!

You can download my full presentation of Albania from here

The offical site of the Albanian Air Sports

Mendo's webpage